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Between a Rock and a Hard Place: How Should South Korea Manage its Relations with the United States and China?

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Please join Professor Zhiqun Zhu  for a discussion on how Seoul might best defend its own interests amid the growing U.S.-China rivalry.

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2022 ROK Presidential Election: How to Watch Like a Pro

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U.S.-Korea Pandemic Cooperation: Secure Supply Chains and Vaccine Collaboration

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KEI Blog : The Peninsula

A Growing Workers’ Coalition

Korea View
November 23, 2021
Workers of different South Korean industries are joining forces to protest shared concerns around increasingly difficult working conditions.

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How to Build a Competitive Streaming Platform

Korea View
November 19, 2021
Korea’s entertainment industry has to transition to becoming a platform that aggregates data but faces numerous challenges competing against foreign giants.

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Sensitivity to Inequality Reflected in Academic Anxiety

Korea View
November 18, 2021
Korean society’s anxiety over socioeconomic inequality comes through in concerns over a widening education attainment gap.

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November 24, 2021

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