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Academic Outreach

Program Offerings

KEI works closely with university hosts to customize an interesting, informative, and engaging program for the school. A typical KEI visit to a university includes a combination of the following events, all of which are available in-person or online:

Single-panel presentations consist of experts speaking on a topic of interest to your student audience. Previous programs have covered a wide range of issues, such as the U.S.-South Korea alliance, the relationship between China and the two Koreas, diplomacy with North Korea, North Korean human rights, multilateral sanctions on North Korea, U.S.-South Korea trade relations, North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, nuclear policies of the two Koreas, and international media reporting on North Korea.

KEI’s simulation turns students into lead negotiators for one of the six major regional stakeholders in North Korea’s denuclearization (i.e., United States, Russia, South Korea, North Korea, China, and Japan). As government representatives, students are tasked to reach a comprehensive agreement for North Korea’s denuclearization. With private information, resources, and their own initiative, student negotiators are out to win the best outcome for their respective governments. Participants will learn about the issues involved in resolving the North Korea security issue and the difficulties of international negotiations, while having a great time through experiential learning. And, best of all, no prior knowledge is necessary to take part in the program. The simulation is appropriate for college classrooms, policy grad schools, MBA programs, and negotiation classes.

Are you teaching something related to Northeast Asia but wish you had more resources to engage your students? KEI is happy to schedule classroom talks with policy experts to allow students maximum interaction on specific course topics.

Are your students preparing for careers or graduate school in an Asia-related field? Let KEI and guest panelists offer tips in applying for jobs and school, networking and breaking into the field of international relations—specifically related to northeast Asia and Korea.

What About The Costs?

In exchange for venue reservations for in-person events and a commitment by the university partner to deliver an agreed upon number of participants in any combination of the above programs, KEI is happy to sponsor any necessary travel, meals, and lodging for speakers, as well as other negotiated costs such as receptions, etc.

Contact Kyle Ferrier ( today to find out how you can schedule a KEI program on your campus!