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Events at KEI

About Our Meeting Space

The KEI Meeting space is where we come to bring together ideas from around the world. Our Guests and Panels have brought sharp insight to our visitors.

Upcoming Events

When is the Right Moment for an End of War Declaration?

Please join KEI for a discussion on the proposal to declare an end to the Korean War and its prospective ramifications.

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The Pandemic’s Impact on Great-Power Competition

Please join KEI for a discussion on how COVID-19 has affected the growing rivalry between the United States and China.

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Past Events

Jun 23

Patterns of Impunity: Human Rights in North Korea and the Role of the U.S. Special Envoy

Please join us for a conversation with former U.S. Special Envoy for North Korean Human Rights Issues Robert King on his new book.

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Jun 17

The Cornwall G7: Korea in the Global Setting

Please join us for a conversation with experts from the UK, Korea, and the U.S. to discuss whether the G7 Summit achieved its goals.

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Jun 15

Uniting Nations in a Divided World: Discussion with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


Please join us for a wide-ranging discussion about the potential and limitations of the UN, and the daunting challenges facing us now.

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