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Events at KEI

About Our Meeting Space

The KEI Meeting space is where we come to bring together ideas from around the world. Our Guests and Panels have brought sharp insight to our visitors.

Upcoming Events

China and the Limits of South Korean Soft Power: A Case Study of the THAAD Dispute

Please join us for a discussion on what the THAAD dispute tells us about when public diplomacy and soft power does and does not work

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South Korea’s Partnership with NATO: Origins and Future Direction

Premiering on YouTube

Please join us for a discussion with NATO’s James Mackey on why the alliance is interested in building closer ties with Seoul.

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Past Events

Apr 1

Shared Growth: Promoting Equality and Social Justice

Please join KEI for a discussion with former ROK Prime Minister Chung Un-chan on a sustainable economic future for South Korea.

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Feb 4

The Korean-U.S. Alliance: Panel Discussion at the World Affairs Council of Western Michigan

Join us for a panel discussion on the foreign policy, trade, and many other aspects of the alliance that bind the United States and the Republic of Korea.

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