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Events at KEI

About Our Meeting Space

The KEI Meeting space is where we come to bring together ideas from around the world. Our Guests and Panels have brought sharp insight to our visitors.

Upcoming Events

North Korean Refugee Entrepreneurs in South Korea

4 Participants

Join KEI and Asia Foundation for a discussion on North Korean refugee entrepreneurs and their experiences and challenges.

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Past Events

Jan 13
Dec 17

The Peace Corps and the Making of Korean Studies

Livestreamed via Zoom | 6 Participants

A discussion about how the Peace Corps-Korea influenced its volunteers for the rest of their lives. In addition to discovering more about Peace Corps Korean Studies scholars, we will also have an opportunity to learn more regarding volunteers’ experiences working with North Korea.

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Dec 10

Prospects for Trade Policy and U.S.-Korea Trade Under the Biden Administration

Livestream via Zoom | 4 Participants

Please join us for a discussion of how the incoming Biden administration might address international trade and how the U.S.-Korea trade relationship might change with the new administration.

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Dec 9

The Next U.S. Administration: the Future of the Global Economic Environment and South Korea's Response

Livestreamed on YouTube | 11 Participants

Please join Robert Zoellick and other speakers for a discussion on the global economic environment that the Biden administration will face.

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