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Getting Involved with KEIA

As an individual and organization, there are a number of ways to get involved with KEI.

If you are an organization, KEI is open to co-hosting programs with schools and other groups in Washington, DC or your home town.  KEI plans frequent ad hoc programs such as panels, seminars, conferences or even career talks throughout the year with other civic groups, universities, and non-government organizations related to Korea and/or Northeast Asia.  If you are interested in inviting KEI to your organization or school, please make sure to drop us a note.   We also invite schools doing Washington, DC field trips to drop by our conference facilities to meet with our staff, get briefing on current events in Korea and/or do our Six Party Talks simulations.

KEI also provide opportunities for individuals who are interested in interning at KEI and publishing in the institute’s many publications.  Graduate students are encouraged to apply to our semester-long internship for the fall, spring or summer.

KEI encourages scholars and emerging scholars to submit paper proposals related to Korea to the institute for consideration.  KEI sponsors many scholarly papers and publish them in its number of annual publications (such as On Korea), monthly publications (such as Korea Insight) or its ad hoc projects (such as Special Series).  Feel free to send your proposal for consideration.

Get Involved