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KEI sponsors a number of outreach programs designed to enhance the public’s understanding of current issues and major developments in the U.S.-Korea relationship.

Academic Outreach

Every year, KEI sponsors over 20 university programs related to Korea and Northeast Asia at universities across America or in our Washington, DC office. Programs come in many forms, but usually feature Washington DC-based experts from government or think tanks to lecture on timely policy issues and engage the campus community.

Community Outreach

Beyond the policy and academic world, KEI actively engages the broader community that is interested in Korea related issues. The institute support a number of cultural, educational, and policy outreach programs to inform the broader American communities about Korea.

Policy Outreach

For the past three decades, KEI has played a critical role in expanding dialogue and understanding between the U.S. and South Korean governments and policy communities.  KEI has organized briefings, closed-door discussions, and private bilateral/track-two meetings, including its annual Opinion Leaders Seminar (OLS) and the National Assembly Program.