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Policy Outreach

For the past three decades, KEI has been expanding dialogue and understanding between the U.S. and South Korean governments and policy communities.  KEI has organized briefings, closed-door discussions, and private bilateral/track-two meetings, including its annual Opinion Leaders Seminar (OLS) and the National Assembly Program.  Moreover, the staff often advises and briefs officials from different governments on the state of the bilateral alliance, North Korea, and current events in Northeast Asia.  KEI is a common stop for Korean political elites traveling through Washington, DC.

Each year the Korea Economic Institute (KEI) takes the U.S. Ambassador to Korea and the Korean Ambassador to the United States across the country to discuss the U.S.-Korea alliance.  The tour—known as the Ambassadors’ Dialogue—usually covers four or more cities over a one week period.

In each city, the two Ambassadors address audiences of civic leaders, students, veterans, local media, business leaders, and often state or local political leaders. These events are generally sponsored by a local organization engaged in public affairs programming. The Ambassadors address the current security and economic situation on the Korean peninsula and the state of U.S.-Korean relations.

As an institution that promotes dialogue and understanding between the United States and Korea, KEI serves as an important venue for government, NGO, and corporate officials from Korea, the United States, and other countries to present their views on a wide range of political and economic issues.  KEI’s large, state-of-the-art conference facility located in downtown Washington, DC provides the right environment and space for officials to engage the DC policy community in a public event or with its counterparts in private workshop meetings.  The conference facility is equipped with modern audio-visual equipment that permits livestreaming and facilitates the capturing of events by major media crews.  As such, KEI is a frequent place for conferences, seminars, and training programs in Washington, DC.  Recently, KEI has hosted senior government South Korean officials, such as Finance Minister Yoon Jeung-hyun, Gyeonggi Province Governor Kim Moon Soo, Bank of Korea Governor Kim Choong-su, and National Assemblywoman Na Kyung-won, for major events.

To host an event at KEI’s conference facilities, please contact

KEI hosts a series of programs designed to help expand the knowledge of elected officials and Congressional staff about the U.S.-Korea relationship.  These include arranging private briefings for Congressional staff with U.S. and Korean experts on North Korea, the U.S. Korea alliance, and the expanding economic relationship between the two nations. In addition, KEI sponsors public events on Capitol Hill with U.S. government officials, visiting Korean officials, and other experts on a wide range of topics related to the U.S.-Korea alliance.

The Korea Economic Institute of America (KEI) and the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) jointly co-host the annual Opinion Leaders Seminar (OLS). OLS focuses on U.S.-Korea relations and serves as a means to draw together key Korean and American opinion leaders in government and think tanks for a frank, off-the-record discussion of the major issues concerning the U.S.-Korea relationship. The seminar was designed to serve as a forum for experts to conduct discussions on the future of U.S.-ROK relations and to generate fresh ideas for both governments. All the discussions at the seminar are conducted on an off-the-record and non-attribution basis.

OLS has become one of KEI’s flagship programs. For more information about OLS contact Troy Stangarone, Senior Director of Trade and Congressional Affairs at

KEI often hosts government delegations from Asia. KEI’s reputation for being one of the preeminent research institutes promoting U.S.-Korea relations makes it a main stop for foreign government officials visiting Washington, DC.

KEI sponsors several programs with Korean officials in Washington, DC for meetings and exchanges with their U.S. counterparts and private sector representatives. For example, KEI annually hosts a delegation from South Korea’s National Assembly for an extensive series of discussions on U.S. policy making and Northeast Asia. In addition, KEI organizes the annual Opinion Leaders Seminar (OLS) to bring together leading opinion-makers from Korea and the U.S. for a closed-door, non-attribution discussion about the U.S.-Korea alliance.

KEI’s prominence in the community, active programming, and its convenient location in downtown Washington, DC all help make it a regular stop for senior government delegations.

KEI hosts members of Korea’s National Assembly for a series of meetings designed to help elected officials in Korea gain a better understanding of how Washington works and U.S. policy makers view the alliance. The meetings are designed to help Korean policy makers gain a better understanding of the concerns and interests of the United States towards the alliance and North Korea.