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The North Korean Wave Was Never a Symbol of Liberalization

Alexandra Langford
June 18, 2021
North Korea’s increasingly diverse offerings in music, TV programs, cosmetics, and others were never indicators of broader liberalization.

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Insufficient public review of labor standards

Korea View
June 17, 2021
Recent labor regulations have not created safe and sustainable environments for workers due to a lack of government enforcement.

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What President Biden Can Learn from Korea’s Progressives

Yong Kwon
June 16, 2021
Moon Jae-in's administration provides an instructive case study of what hurdles Biden might expect to a progressive agenda and how he might navigate them.

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Backlash Against A Path to Citizenship

Korea View
June 14, 2021
Policies designed to make citizenship easier for the children of permanent residents have been met with anti-Chinese sentiments.

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Backlash to Gender Inclusivity

Korea View
June 11, 2021
Political actors who oppose the government’s push to encourage greater female participation in the economy are gaining ground.

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The OECD Projects that Korea’s Recovery will Continue

Randall S. Jones
June 10, 2021
The May OECD Economic Outlook projects that Korea's economy will increase 3.8% in 2021, significantly faster than its March outlook of 3.3%.

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Korea Aims to Invest with Maximum Industrial Impact

Korea View
June 8, 2021
South Korea is investing in domestic semiconductor production in an effort to meet the demands of a wider industrial ecosystem.

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How South Korea Can Upgrade its Strategic Partnership with Vietnam

South Korea and Vietnam are both regional middle powers caught by strategic dilemmas amid intensifying U.S.-China competition.

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