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KEI staff, fellows, non-resident fellows, board members, and other affiliates are often quoted in the media. Here is a collection of their mentions.

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[Op-ed] What comes after UN Panel of Experts?

May 8

This article was published in The Korea Times on May 8, 2024. On April 30, the mandate for the U.N. Panel of Experts on North Korea expired, leaving the international community without an international mechanism to monitor North Korean sanctions evasion. Developing a new tool…

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[Op-Ed] How South Korea can aid Ukraine

April 10

This article was published in The Korea Times on April 10, 2024. In March, Russia vetoed a routine resolution to extend the mandate of the U.N. Panel of Experts. Moscow’s decision to end the primary U.N. body responsible for investigating U.N. sanctions violations should erase…

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[Media Interview] KEI President Interviews with VOA Washington Talks

March 30

KEI President Scott Snyder was interviewed by the Voice of America Korean Service for the “Washington Talk” show. This video was published in Voice of America on March 30, 2024.    

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[Op-Ed] What the Return of Trump Would Mean for South Korea

March 30

This article was published in The Diplomat on March 30, 2024. Nowadays conversations with South Korean counterparts begin and end with concerns about former U.S. President Donald Trump’s possible return to the White House. Questions abound regarding tariffs and trade, industrial policies and export controls,…

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[Op-ed] S Korean trade, diplomacy trending away from China

March 28

This article was published in The Asia Times on March 28, 2024. South Korea is trending away from economic dependence on China and increasing its trilateral interactions with Washington and Tokyo. Thus far, Beijing appears unsure of how to respond, beyond calls for “cooperation” and encouragement…

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[Op-Ed] Three Conditions for Successful Engagement with North Korea

March 25

This article was published in United States Institute of Peace on March 25, 2024. The September 13, 2023, meeting between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un in Russia’s Amur Oblast marked a significant crippling of the decades-long U.S. pressure-based approach toward North Korea. The strategy of isolating…

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[Op-Ed] Trump isn't unpredictable

March 13

This article was published in The Korea Times on March 13, 2024. With Donald Trump set to be the Republican presidential nominee after a string of primary wins on March 5, South Korea and other U.S. allies will be increasingly focused on the implications of…

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[Op-Ed] Climate Change as a Path to Engagement with North Korea

March 11

This article was published in the United States Institute of Peace on March 11, 2024. Since North Korea broke off talks with the United States after their 2019 meeting in Stockholm, progress in engaging Pyongyang on its nuclear weapons and other issues has stalled. The pandemic likely…

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[Op-Ed] Even Without Sanctions, South Korea Significantly Reduced Fossil Fuel Imports From Russia

March 8

This article was published in The Diplomat on March 8, 2024. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States and its allies put in place an extensive set of sanctions to limit Moscow’s export earnings. Russian fossil fuels were one major target. While South Korea joined the initial set…

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[Op-Ed] Geopolitics and global slowdown weigh on South Korea’s economy

February 24

This article was published in East Asia Form on February 24, 2024. After expanding by 2.6 per cent in 2022, South Korea’s economy cooled in 2023. Waning global demand for South Korean exports, continuing geopolitical challenges and weakening domestic demand saw growth decelerate to an estimated 1.4…

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