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Past Events

Jan 13
Dec 17

The Peace Corps and the Making of Korean Studies

Livestreamed via Zoom | 6 Participants

A discussion about how the Peace Corps-Korea influenced its volunteers for the rest of their lives. In addition to discovering more about Peace Corps Korean Studies scholars, we will also have an opportunity to learn more regarding volunteers’ experiences working with North Korea.

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Dec 10

Prospects for Trade Policy and U.S.-Korea Trade Under the Biden Administration

Livestream via Zoom | 4 Participants

Please join us for a discussion of how the incoming Biden administration might address international trade and how the U.S.-Korea trade relationship might change with the new administration.

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Dec 10

Remembering Peace Corps–Korea

Livestreamed via Zoom | 7 Participants

Please join us for a panel discussion with Peace Corp-Korea volunteers on their experience with the pro-democracy movement in Gwangju, authoritarianism, and the country’s evolution after the Korean War.

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Dec 9

The Next U.S. Administration: the Future of the Global Economic Environment and South Korea's Response

Livestreamed on YouTube | 11 Participants

Please join Robert Zoellick and other speakers for a discussion on the global economic environment that the Biden administration will face.

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Nov 2

China’s High-Volume Korean War Commemoration: A Conversation with Yun Sun, Director of the Stimson Center China Program

Livestreamed Via Zoom | 2 Participants

Join Yun Sun and Mark Tokola for a conversation about China’s unprecedented 70th anniversary commemoration of its entry into the Korean War. Why has China chosen to mark this particular anniversary with a high-profile speech by Xi Jinping, along with new movies and television programs revisiting the Korean War? Yun Sun will explore what China is now saying about the Korean War, who the intended audience might be, and what it might mean for U.S.-China relations and diplomacy towards North Korea.

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Oct 30

Korean Diplomacy and the UN: A Conversation with Ambassador Cho Hyun, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations

Livestreamed Via Zoom | 2 Participants

Join Ambassador Cho Hyun and KEI President Kathleen Stephens for a conversation about Korea and the United Nations, reflecting on the UN’s important history and continuing role in divided Korea, including the challenges of nuclear proliferation and humanitarian need, current prospects and priorities for multilateral diplomacy, and for South Korea and other middle powers in a period of global crisis and uncertainty.

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Oct 29

Bridging the Gap: LNG and South Korea’s Transition to Carbon Neutrality

Livestreamed via Zoom | 3 Participants

President Moon Jae-in has set ambitious targets to improve South Korea’s air quality and reduce its carbon footprint, but realizing these goals will not be an easy task. While increased reliance on renewable energy is central to these plans, there are short- to medium-term limitations in scaling up production to meet high demand. Combined with planned phaseouts of nuclear and coal power, liquified natural gas (LNG) is expected to play a pivotal role in South Korea’s pursuit of balancing energy needs and environmental concerns. However, reliance on LNG brings its own unique set of issues that policymakers must successfully navigate to ensure the transition to renewables and thus net-zero carbon emissions.

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