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Internship Opportunity / FAQ

Are you ready to work hard and experience one of the most rewarding internship programs in Washington, DC?

KEI takes two classes (Spring & Fall) of interns each year. We offer candidates a unique internship opportunity to be involved in the inner workings of a premier U.S. think tank/public outreach organization in Washington, DC. Interns will develop a deeper understanding of the major policies and concerning the U.S.-Korea relations. Interns also gain valuable experience in the areas of professional writing development, policy research, data collection, analysis, and event planning.

Why intern at KEI?

    • KEI interns are provided maximum exposure to the issues and major players in the field of U.S.-Korea relations via: report publication, attendance at events, and both peer-to-peer and VIP networking opportunities.
    • KEI interns are directly active in the practice of US-ROK diplomacy
    • KEI interns gain experience in the areas of event planning, data collection, economic analysis, office management, and professional writing development.
    • KEI interns are on the cusp of current events, hearing the news before it is released, and organizing the very interviews that are shown on the evening news

RESEARCH INTERNSHIP: The main duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Under the supervision of staff members, conduct qualitative and quantitative research on political, economic, and security issues related to the Korean peninsula and U.S.-Korea relations
  • Draft bi-monthly newsletter covering the important domestic and international trends in South Korea
  • Contribute to KEI’s The Peninsula blog; there will also be opportunities for interns to co-author with KEI staff on external platforms
  • Track daily news relevant to the Korean peninsula
  • Attend and draft reports on conferences and seminars
  • Provide administrative and event support


COMMUNICATIONS INTERNSHIP: Main duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Assist with various multimedia projects, including the identification of appropriate images and video clips
  • Help draft collateral for KEI’s public-facing social media platforms, including graphic and video materials
  • Participate in discussions to shape the direction of the organization’s public-facing multimedia products
  • Assist with collecting data for inclusion in KEI’s measurements of its performance in traditional media and social media
  • Contribute to drafting segments of KEI’s newsletter


  • Graduate student and exceptional undergraduate student with a background in political science, economics, international relations, or Asian studies
  • An interest in international affairs, especially issues regarding the Korean peninsula
  • Excellent attention to detail, professional demeanor, and strong computer skills
  • Excellent writing and analysis skills
  • Statistical, data science, or other data analysis skills are desirable
  • Korean language skills preferred but not required
  • Ability to work remotely and independently with good organization skills
  • Must be eligible to work in the United States


COMMUNICATIONS INTERNSHIP (Not required but preferred):

  • Experience with managing social media platforms, particularly creating and scheduling social media content
  • Experience acquiring multimedia materials from creative commons
  • Copywriting experience
  • Experience with open-source research
  • Experience with graphic design using Adobe Creative Suite or Canva
  • Journalism or communication background
  • Must be eligible to work in the United States.

How to Apply
Internships will be recruited for three separate cycles. The approximate start and end dates for the respective cycles are given below:

Cycle Duration Application Deadline
Fall June – December/January April 15
Spring January – May/June November 17

To apply, please click here to use our internship application form.

The internship coordinator will review applications only after the submission deadline has passed—it is not a rolling admission process. If your application is selected for an interview, you will be notified. If you are not notified, your application may still be under consideration, but KEI asks that you limit follow-up queries.

The interview is an opportunity for you to further explain or elaborate on any part of your application. It is also your chance to ask questions about KEI, the responsibilities of the interns, or anything else you might have on your mind concerning the internship.


We recommend that you take a look at KEI’s website and social media accounts to get yourself familiar with KEI’s research activities and outreach programs.

KEI interns are asked to work part-time, or 28 hours/week.  Morning projects might be administrative, but short in execution—helping the office open for business, or preparing for staff meetings—or might involve event planning and preparation. If KEI is hosting a program in the office, interns are instrumental in the preparation for these programs. This involves: setting up the conference room, prepping the refreshments, greeting the guests, and taking detailed notes on the substance of the program. These notes will later be used to draft a KEI Report. These reports are usually 1- 2 pages in length and are an analytical summary of the program using professional academic language. It is imperative that KEI interns possess excellent verbal/written English communication skills. If the program is outside of the office, interns are responsible for registering, attending, taking notes, and drafting a report. Interns are a public face of KEI and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly. Afternoons are often spent doing research projects, writing reports, and attending to office issues. A typical intern day concludes at 5:00 PM.
A more quantitative description of the internship duties would look like this:

Administrative responsibilities: 10%
In-house program responsibilities: 10%
Out of office program attendance: 20%
Report Writing: 30%
Research and other staff assigned projects: 30%

KEI is very flexible when it comes to hiring interns because we understand the responsibilities that many of our interns have outside of the office. Please be honest on your application form about when you are available to work and we can try to accommodate you. It never hurts to ask!

Proficiency in Korean language comes in handy at KEI but it is not an internship requirement.

KEI pays $17 per hour to interns. Academic credit is generally available if the intern coordinator can work with the university requirements. KEI does not offer intern housing but can assist with finding housing if needed by recommending some organizations and universities that offer affordable housing for interns.

KEI is a small organization, which allows interns full-access to the staff. The office functions very constructively and with the interns completely integrated into the system. This offers maximum exposure to all aspects of KEI governance and function and close, personal relationships with the other interns and the staff.

Yes, KEI interns are highly encouraged to contribute to KEI’s blog, The Peninsula. It’s a wide-ranging forum for discussions on foreign policy, economic, and social issues that impact the Korean peninsula. Occasionally, there are other opportunities for interns to work with a staff member on a research paper that will be published either in-house or by another organization.