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The Peninsula blog is a project of the Korea Economic Institute. It is designed to provide a wide ranging forum for discussion of the foreign policy, economic, and social issues that impact the Korean peninsula.

Kim Chong-un and Pyongyang’s Signaling Campaign

January 3, 2012
By Ken E. Gause Three sets of messages have emerged from the North Korean media in the days since Kim Chong-il’s death on December 17. The first two sets of…

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Unity Under Songun: A Look Into North Korea’s New Year’s Editorial

Sarah Yun
January 2, 2012
By Sarah K. Yun North Korea’s 2012 New Year Editorial had a few highlights with ample unsharpened messages. The overall objective was to emphasize strength and unity under the new…

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The Year in Review: The Korean Peninsula in 2011

Troy Stangarone
December 28, 2011
By Troy Stangarone While 2011 will ultimately be remembered for the passing of Kim Jong-il, it was also a year of significant change and new milestones for both South Korea…

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What to Make of Kim Jong-il’s Funeral?

Chad OCarroll
December 28, 2011
By Chad 0'Carroll Hundreds of thousands of mourning North Koreans lined the bitterly cold streets of Pyongyang today to say goodbye to their leader, Kim Jong-il.  How real the tears…

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North Korea Post-Kim: A Continuing Need for Strategy

December 27, 2011
By Michael J. Mazarr The most significant thing about the dramatic change in North Korea is how little has changed. Kim Jong-il has died, inaugurating a period of complex maneuvering…

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Decision-making in a Post-Kim Chong-il North Korea

December 23, 2011
By Ken Gause The death of Kim Chong-il does not only mean a transition in leadership as can be seen with the apparent coronation of Kim Chong-un as the successor.…

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Danger Behind the Veil of Transition in North Korea

Nicholas Hamisevicz
December 22, 2011
By Nicholas Hamisevicz The death of Kim Jong Il has put the focus and pressure on Kim Jong-un and the rest of the North Korean leadership elite. The spotlight will…

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China’s Response to Kim’s Death: 1994 and 2011

Sarah Yun
December 21, 2011
By Sarah K. Yun  In light of the uncertainties following the death of Kim Jong-il, China has stepped to the forefront as the first foreign player to express lavish condolences…

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