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The Peninsula

The Peninsula blog is a project of the Korea Economic Institute. It is designed to provide a wide ranging forum for discussion of the foreign policy, economic, and social issues that impact the Korean peninsula.

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Antony Blinken on a Foreign Policy for the American People: Implications for the Two Koreas

Stephan Haggard
March 5, 2021
It is the job of every foreign ministry to advance the interests of its country. But how, precisely? Biden’s first foreign policy speech stressed basic principles, and focused in no…

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South Korea’s Interpretation of U.S. Multilateralism

Korea View
March 4, 2021
While the United States looks to address shared global challenges, South Korea sees multilateralism as a vehicle to advance its national interest.

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Kim Jong-un’s Use and Abuse of Apologies in Context: “Sorry, Not Sorry”

Markus Garlauskas
February 24, 2021
In recent months, western media reporting has emphasized Kim Jong Un’s emotion-laden comments admitting both North Korea’s failure to meet economic goals and the severe hardships being experienced by its…

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Why South Korea Matters for Post-Coup Myanmar

Sea Young (Sarah) Kim
February 22, 2021
2020 marked the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Korea (ROK or South Korea) and Myanmar (Burma). In less than half a century, bilateral ties went from…

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Renewed ROK-Japan Tensions with Court Decision on Comfort Women

Korea View
February 4, 2021
A court ruling on wartime legacy potentially reignites tensions with Japan in spite of South Korea’s foreign policy aims.

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The Outlook for Inter-Korean Relations after North Korea’s 8th Party Congress

Robert King
January 19, 2021
A three-hour military parade and a fireworks display in Pyongyang on January 14 punctuated the end of the 8th Congress of the Workers Party of Korea.  The 8th Congress, which…

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The Biden Administration and the U.S.-ROK Alliance

Terrence Matsuo
January 18, 2021
Joseph Biden will be inaugurated on Wednesday, 20 January, bringing the Trump era to an end. Under the 45th president, American alliances faced significant stress from his skepticism of multilateralism…

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Vision Group Looks to U.S.-ROK Relations in a Changing World

January 12, 2021
A report on the future of the U.S.-Korea relationship with recommendations from leading American scholars and policy practitioners.

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