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The Peninsula

The Peninsula blog is a project of the Korea Economic Institute. It is designed to provide a wide ranging forum for discussion of the foreign policy, economic, and social issues that impact the Korean peninsula.

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Detente or Degradation: Would ROK Nuclear Weapons Hinder or Facilitate Inter-Korean relations?

Bo Ram Kwon
February 24, 2023
Acquiring latent nuclear capabilities or developing indigenous nuclear weapons entails higher costs than benefits for inter-Korean relations.

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Yoon Unlikely to Succeed in Reuniting Divided Korean Families

Terrence Matsuo
October 21, 2022
While their numbers may be dwindling, the Yoon administration should not give up on reuniting families divided on the Korean Peninsula.

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It Could Be a Long, Hard Five Years Dealing with North Korea for the Yoon Administration

Troy Stangarone
June 21, 2022
The Yoon administration will face significant challenges from North Korea related to its weapons programs, COVID, and more during its time in office.

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North Korea Policy Incongruent with Public Opinion

Korea View
October 14, 2021
Despite growing public indifference towards reunification, the South Korean administration seems to maintain a similar stance on North Korea.

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Hotline Restored between North and South Korea; Seoul Sees Urgency for North-South Rapprochement

Robert King
August 4, 2021
The restoration of the North-South hotline was announced on the anniversary of the Korean War armistice. South Korea has proposed going even further.

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The Biden-Moon Summit and North Korea Human Rights Issues

Robert King
May 6, 2021
At the end of last week, the United States announced that President Joe Biden will host South Korean President Moon Jae-in for in-person meetings in Washington on May 21.  The…

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Lasting Impact of the Division on Civil Liberties

Korea View
April 30, 2021
The National Assembly failed to ratify the international convention on forced labor because it clashed with the ROK National Security Law.

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The Two Koreas and the Olympic Games—Tokyo and Beyond

Robert King
April 9, 2021
Thomas Bach, current Chairman of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), published a lengthy opinion piece about the Olympic Games last October.  In a strong defense of the games as “an…

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