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On Korea: Academic Paper Series 2022

3 Publications

Defying United Nations Sanctions: Three Reasons for African Engagement with North Korea

The United Nations (UN) sanctions against North Korea are weakened by structural evasion techniques and weak enforcement. The African continent is a crucial node in the global illicit networks of North Korea. This paper examines three motives for African states to cooperate with North Korea, with a particular focus on…

Debunking the Korean Peninsula "Arms Race": What's Behind South Korea's Military Force Development?

Following a record number of North Korean missile launches, as well as tests by South Korea, assertions have been widely and uncritically made that Seoul is participating in an inter-Korean arms race. This paper challenges that paradigm by arguing that South Korea‚Äôs military acquisitions, displays, and testing of new weapons…

Inter-Korean Reconciliation and the Role of the U.S.: Facilitator or Spoiler?

Although the Korean Peninsula has been divided for over 70 years, North and South have not been able to make lasting progress in terms of reconciliation. While there are multiple factors directly influencing the extent to which inter-Korean relations can progress, this paper focuses on the role of the United…