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KEI Contributor

Chang Wook Min Headshot

Chang Wook Min

Partner & Head of Compliance Practice
Jipyong LLC, ESG Center

Chang Wook Min is a Partner & Head of Compliance Practice at Jipyong LLCs ESG Center. He primarily focuses on matters related to ESG, compliance and human rights. He regularly advises clients on labor relations, occupational safety, and other sustainability-related regulations. He also contributed to the publication of 13 legislation/policy research papers for the government and public institutions, including research on the conversion of irregular workers (i.e. non-standard workers) to regular positions in South Korea. He earned a Master’s degree in Public Affairs with the Bardach Prize for Outstanding Capstone at UC Berkeley in 2020, and received a JD from the Seoul National University in 2012.

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In Korea, public institutions play a critical role in the national economy.  Korean public institutions not only provide public services to the market but also influence various private enterprises by…

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Region: Asia

December 19, 2022