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Please join us for a discussion on what the THAAD dispute tells us about when public diplomacy and soft power does and does not work

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Region: Asia

Not Just Dust in the Wind: China-Korea Cooperation on Transborder Air Pollution   Pollution originating in China carried by the prevailing winds presents a number of serious environmental and health concerns for Korea. While the issue is portrayed in Korea as one stemming solely from China, foreign manufacturing investments in China, including those from Korea, play a key role in contributing to the problem and necessitate Seoul’s cooperation in its resolution. Please join KEI and Dr. Matthew Shapiro for an analysis of the connections between international economics and transboundary air pollution in Northeast Asia, including coordination on possible solutions to this complex issue.   Please click here to read Dr. Shapiro's paper.      

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May 6, 2016

Scroll down for the video recording of this event.     Navigating Korea's Labor Market Reforms Thursday | January 21, 2016 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm With remarks by: Chang Hong-geun Director, Industrial Relations Research Division Korea Labor Institute  Moderated by: Kyle Ferrier Director of Academic Affairs and Research Korea Economic Institute   Faced with growing youth unemployment and public dissatisfaction with labor market conditions, representatives from South Korean labor, management, and government finalized an agreement to reform the domestic labor regime in September last year. This first step to reform South Korea’s labor market introduces a number of significant new measures, including the expansion of the social safety net and clarification of employment guidelines, but significant opposition from major labor unions jeopardizes its full implementation.   KEI hosted Dr. Chang Hong-geun to present his findings. He outlined the importance of this agreement and how the political differences among the three stakeholders can be navigated to advance the initial stages of South Korea’s labor market reform.  To read Dr. Chang's paper, please click here.    

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January 11, 2016