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Korea Economic Institute presents

Defying UN Sanctions: African Engagement with North Korea

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Event Date

June 16th, 2022 10:00am - 11:00am ET

Event Location

Livestreamed on YouTube


Kyle Ferrier

Tycho van der Hoog
PhD candidate
Leiden University
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Event Description

UN sanctions against North Korea can only be as strong as efforts to overcome structural evasion techniques and weak enforcement. One crucial node in North Korea’s global illicit network that is often underappreciated is the African continent. Despite North Korea’s international pariah status and the potential repercussions for violating sanctions, some African countries have maintained relations with Pyongyang.

With an eye to North Korea’s eventual easing of COVID-19 border restrictions, please join KEI for a discussion with Tycho van der Hoog on why countries in southern Africa in particular continue to engage with North Korea and the implications for strengthening the sanctions regime.

The discussion will be livestreamed via YouTube.