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The Peninsula

The Peninsula blog is a project of the Korea Economic Institute. It is designed to provide a wide ranging forum for discussion of the foreign policy, economic, and social issues that impact the Korean peninsula.

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More South Koreans Trust North Korea’s Intent to Denuclearize after Summit

Juni Kim
May 2, 2018
The significant shift in poll numbers highlight how impactful the summit was for South Koreans and their hopes for a peaceful resolution on the Korean peninsula.

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“Maximum Pressure” Beijing Style

William Brown
April 30, 2018
China, might not have been mentioned in the North-South summit talks, but one can bet its influence on Kim’s decision to make the trip south was paramount.

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The April 27 “Panmunjom Declaration” in Context

Donald Manzullo
April 27, 2018
The April 27 summit was full of symbolism, imagery, and rhetoric. That should not be brushed aside to look for “real” progress. Symbolism is important in itself.

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Markets Optimistic about the Moon-Kim Summit but Investing in the Outcome is Premature

Kyle Ferrier
April 26, 2018
While there are reasons to be hopeful about the outcome of the summit, investing now in the resumption of Inter-Korean construction projects is premature even in the best case scenario.

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The Summit Will Be Televised: Both Koreas are Seeking the Summit Spotlight

Jenna Gibson
April 25, 2018
The world's attention will be on the Korean peninsula this week as President Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un meet televised at the DMZ.

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Expectations for the Third Inter-Korean Summit and the Flaws of Previous Inter-Korean Agreements

April 19, 2018
After a successful Winter Olympics, inter-Korean relations are heading in the right direction with the North-South Summit on April 27.

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A Role for Human Rights at the Inter-Korean Summit?

Robert King
April 17, 2018
While denuclearization will be the focus, the most sensitive and difficult potential agenda item for the inter-Korean summit is human rights. 

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Summit Announcements Encourage Cautious Optimism Among South Koreans

Juni Kim
March 21, 2018
Having lived under the North Korean threat for decades, South Koreans are very familiar with the deadly provocations and broken promises of the past. The upcoming summits are undoubtedly meaningful, but like many throughout the global community, South Koreans are cautiously optimistic of what developments the talks will bring.

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