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Past Events

Mar 23

Korea’s Response to Trade Disruptions: A Conversation with Bark Taeho

The conversation will be livestreamed on YouTube.

The conversation will be livestreamed on YouTube.

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Mar 14

An Assessment of 10 years of KORUS FTA and Future of U.S.-Korea Economic Relations

Livestreamed via YouTube

Please join KEI and KIEP for a discussion about the first 10 years of KORUS and the future of the U.S.-Korea economic relationship.

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Mar 11

2022 ROK Presidential Election: How to Analyze it Like a Pro

Livestreamed through Zoom Webinar

Please join KEI for a discussion on the 2022 South Korean presidential election outcome with political analyst Park Sung-min.

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Mar 4

Artificial Intelligence and North Korea’s Cyber “‘All-Purpose Sword”

livestreamed via YouTube

Please join KEI for a discussion on North Korea’s potential incorporation of AI into its cyber arsenal.

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Mar 2

South Korea’s Path Towards a Central Bank Digital Currency: From Hesitation to Eager Exploration

Livestreamed on KEI's YouTube page

Please join June Park for a conversation on the domestic and external factors driving South Korea’s thinking on digital currency.

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Feb 23

South Korea’s Progressive Foreign Policy Outlook: A Conversation with S. Nathan Park

Livestreamed on YouTube

Please join Sejong Institute’s S. Nathan Park for a discussion of the foreign policy outlook of South Korea’s progressives.

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