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Past Events

Nov 19

2022 ROK Presidential Election: How to Watch Like a Pro

Premiering on YouTube

Please join the Korea Economic Institute for a discussion on the 2022 South Korean presidential election with political analyst Park Sung-min.

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Nov 4

U.S.-Korea Pandemic Cooperation: Secure Supply Chains and Vaccine Collaboration

Livestreamed via YouTube

As disruptions in supply chains continue, what practical steps can the U.S. and Korea take to strengthen supply chains against future crises?

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Oct 20

Reforging the Middle: Emerging Expert Perspectives on South Korean Middle Power Diplomacy

Livestreamed on YouTube

Please join KEI for a discussion with three emerging experts on how South Korea can adopt a principled middle power agenda.

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Oct 12

After Trump: American Attitudes Towards the Korean Peninsula

Please join KEI for a discussion on American attitudes towards the Korean Peninsula after the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

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Sep 30

Sino–South Korean Relations at 30: Conversation with Dr. Chung Jae Ho

livestreamed via YouTube

Please join KEI for a discussion with Seoul National University Professor Chung Jae Ho on why the ROK-PRC relationship faces such headwinds and its implications for the ongoing U.S.-China competition.

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Sep 23

Takeaways from a Time of Increased Friction: South Korea-Japan Security Cooperation from 2015 to Present

Livestreamed from KEI's YouTube Channel

Please join KEI for a discussion with Dr. Naoko Aoki on how various factors have affected South Korea-Japan security cooperation.

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Sep 16

The United Nations and the Two Koreas 30 Years Later

Livestreamed Via YouTube - RSVP for Link

Please join KEI for a conversation Mr. Kim Won-soo on the historical importance of two countries joining the UN, South Korea’s contribution to multilateral institutions, and the role of the UN in diplomacy with North Korea.

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