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Korea Economic Institute of America Presents:

Triangular Relations in the Indo-Pacific

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Event Date

May 15th 2024 10:00am - 12:00pm ET

Event Location

KEI Conference Facility & YouTube

South Korea-US-Vietnam Trilateral Relations

Vu Le Thai Hoang
Director, Institute for Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies
Viet Nam Diplomatic Academy
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Mark Manyin
Specialist in Asian Affairs
Congressional Research Service (CRS)
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Tran Hai Yen
Research Fellow, Institute of Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies
Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam
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South Korea-Japan-China Trilateral Relations

Seong-hyon Lee
Visiting Scholar, Asia Center
Harvard University
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Emma Chanlett-Avery
Deputy Director
Asia Society Policy Institute's Washington, DC office
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North Korea-Russia-China Trilateral Relations

Sydney Seiler
Senior Adviser (Non-resident), Korea Chair
Center for Strategies and International Studies (CSIS)
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Jenny Town
Director of Korea Program and 38 North
Stimson Center
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Event Poster
Event Description

KEI is pleased to hold a hybrid program launching the spring issue of our flagship journal, Korea Policy (Volume 2, Issue 1). The panel event is organized under the broad theme of “Triangular Relations in the Indo-Pacific,” and examines key triangular relationships in the region beyond US-ROK-Japan trilateral cooperation.

The panel features several papers from the issue, including papers covering: ROK-US-Vietnam, ROK-Japan-China, and North Korea-Russia-China trilateral relations. The panel discussion offers a range of perspectives on the various trilateral relationships above and offers the panelists, discussants, and audience to network over lunch following the event.