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KEI Contributor – Phil Eskeland

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By Phil Eskeland With all the discussion regarding the statement signed by President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at their recent summit meeting, now is a good time to compare and contrast past joint statements between the U.S. and the DPRK to measure how closely they match and review previous commitments by…

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June 14, 2018

By Phil Eskeland Lost in most of the media attention surrounding the upcoming summit meeting with North Korea was the announcement quietly released late on Wednesday evening from Secretary Wilbur Ross that the Department of Commerce will initiate an investigation into the national security ramification of motor vehicle imports into the United States.  President Donald…

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May 29, 2018

By Phil Eskeland While many have expressed relief over reaching a tentative deal on limiting steel imports from the Republic of Korea (ROK) to the U.S. and modifying the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) with respect to maintaining the alliance, South Korea still could get caught in the cross-fire between China and the United…

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March 27, 2018

By Phil Eskeland The Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau released the latest monthly trade statistics earlier today, revealing the annualized services trade data for 2017. The news with respect to U.S. trade with the Republic of Korea (ROK) was encouraging. Not only did the U.S. achieve record levels of services exports to…

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March 7, 2018