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The Peninsula

Comparing Prior U.S.-North Korea Joint Statements

Published June 14, 2018
Category: North Korea

By Phil Eskeland

With all the discussion regarding the statement signed by President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at their recent summit meeting, now is a good time to compare and contrast past joint statements between the U.S. and the DPRK to measure how closely they match and review previous commitments by both parties.  Below are two graphics that summarize the central elements of key American and North Korea statements that have aimed to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula and establish grounds for a new relationship between the two countries.  The statements may not be reflective of every commitment made at the Singapore summit, but further diplomacy may develop a more comprehensive agreement later on in the process, similar to how the aspirational 1993 New York statement led to the more detailed Agreed Framework in 1994.

Phil Eskeland is Executive Director for Operations and Policy at the Korea Economic Institute of America. The views expressed here are his own.

Photo from the White House’s Instagram feed.

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