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Chung Jae Ho Headshot

Chung Jae Ho

Professor of International Relations
Seoul National University

Dr. Chung Jae Ho is a professor of international relations and director of the Program on U.S.-China Relations (PUCR) at Seoul National University. He also serves as the China Director for the Seoul Forum for International Affairs (SFIA). Professor Chung is the author or editor of nineteen books, including Central Control and Local Discretion in China (Oxford University Press, 2000), Between Ally and Partner: Korea-China Relations and the United States (Columbia University Press, 2007) and Centrifugal Empire (Columbia University Press, 2016). He is the recipient of Seoul National University’s Best Researcher Award in 2009, of the Korean Association for International Studies’ Best Book Award in 2012, and of the 2017 Choice Award for his most recent book Centrifugal Empire.

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Pertinent literature abounds on how East Asian states have struggled to position themselves vis-à-vis a rising China over the past two decades. Due to its geographical proximity and cultural similarities…

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August 13, 2018

The year 2012 may be determinative in transforming the leadership that will decide the fate of the hexagonal maneuvering over the North Korean nuclear threat and the prospects for reunification.…

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Region: Asia

Changes in political leadership are often associated with readjustments or reversals of policy, the impact of which can be both wide-ranging in scope and long-lasting in duration. Foreign policy, which…

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Region: Asia

June 9, 2012

Please join KEI for a discussion with Seoul National University Professor Chung Jae Ho on why the ROK-PRC relationship faces such headwinds and its implications for the ongoing U.S.-China competition.

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Region: Asia

September 23, 2021