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Korea Economic Institute presents

Sino–South Korean Relations at 30: Conversation with Dr. Chung Jae Ho

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Event Date

September 30th 2021 9:00am - 10:00am ET

Event Location

livestreamed via YouTube

Chung Jae Ho
Professor of International Relations
Seoul National University
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Mark Tokola
Vice President
Korea Economic Institute of America
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Event Video
Event Description

As the Republic of Korea and the People’s Republic of China approach the 30th anniversary of mutual diplomatic recognition, recent developments in the bilateral relationship offer little to celebrate. South Korean businesses remain scarred by Beijing’s unofficial economic retaliation following Seoul’s decision to host U.S.-operated THAAD anti-ballistic missile batteries in 2017. Meanwhile, the South Korean public is angered by perceived cultural appropriation by the Chinese state and media. In light of these events, it is perhaps not surprising that South Korean attitudes towards Beijing are at a historic low. Nevertheless, South Korea must grapple with the reality that China will play an oversized role in both its economy and regional security.

Please join KEI for a discussion with Seoul National University Professor Chung Jae Ho on why the ROK-PRC relationship faces such headwinds and its implications for the ongoing U.S.-China competition. The conversation will touch on a range of issues, including the ideological drivers inside the Chinese Communist Party.