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The Peninsula

The Peninsula blog is a project of the Korea Economic Institute. It is designed to provide a wide ranging forum for discussion of the foreign policy, economic, and social issues that impact the Korean peninsula.

The Magnanimous Comrade: Kim Jong-un’s Amnesty

January 16, 2012
By Greg Scarlatoiu North Korea recently announced a special amnesty to prisoners, the first in over six years, to be issued beginning on February 1, in observance of Kim Jong-il’s…

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Today, we celebrate “Korean American Day”

Linda Butcher
January 13, 2012
By Linda Kim What is Korean American Day? How do you celebrate it? Why January 13? These are questions I often receive when I discuss Korean American Day with friends.…

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The Future Today

Philippe Cousteau
January 12, 2012
Celebrating Korean Americans and looking to the future of a growing America’s relationship with South Korea.

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12 Things on the Korean Peninsula to Watch for in 2012

Nicholas Hamisevicz
January 11, 2012
A look at the issues to watch for in 2012 on the Korea peninsula.

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Selling Korea

January 9, 2012
By Ben Hancock South Korea made an appearance in this past Sunday’s New York Times list of 45 must-visit travel destinations for a surprising reason -- golf courses. No one…

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North Korean Leadership Chart - Abridged

January 5, 2012
By Luke Herman Updated January 11, 2012. With the passing of Kim Jong-il, North Korea's leadership transition is being formally put into place. Here is a quick abridged graphic highlighting…

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India: The Other Emerging Power’s Reaction to Kim Jong Il’s Death

Nicholas Hamisevicz
January 4, 2012
While China is North Korea's major benefactor, Asia's other emerging giant has the option of reacting to its interests in the region rather providing the regime support to maintain stability.

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Kim Chong-un and Pyongyang’s Signaling Campaign

January 3, 2012
By Ken E. Gause Three sets of messages have emerged from the North Korean media in the days since Kim Chong-il’s death on December 17. The first two sets of…

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