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Terrence Matsuo

Non-Resident Fellow
Korea Economic Institute of America
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About Terrence Matsuo

Terrence Matsuo is a freelance writer interested in American foreign policy towards the Indo-Pacific, with a focus on Korea and Japan.

He previously supported thought leadership development as a program assistant in the Policy and Diplomacy practice at McColm & Company. As the Assistant Editor and Senior Research Analyst at The Nelson Report, he provided analysis on trade and security issues for a newsletter focused on regional trade and security issues in the Asia-Pacific.

He received his master of public policy degree from the School of Public Policy at Pepperdine University after receiving his bachelor’s degree in political science and Japanese language from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Besides catching up on current events, Terrence enjoys playing League of Legends, listening to Japanese pop music, and watching Korean television dramas.


KEI’S SPECIAL PROJECT ON THE SOUTH KOREAN NUCLEAR ARMAMENT DEBATE South Korea’s nuclear armament debate received renewed attention in 2023. But, this issue is one that has animated Korean politics,…

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Region: Asia

In early February, advancing cooperation in space was one of the topics discussed between Korea and the United States. “We agreed that space is the next frontier in our expanding partnership,” said Foreign Minister Park Jin after meeting with his counterpart on February 3rd in DC. His remarks built on President Yoon Suk Yeol’s vision…

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Region: Asia

March 8, 2023

This piece is one of 12 contributions to KEI’s special project on South Korea’s nuclear armament debate that will run on The Peninsula blog over the next month. The project’s contributors include young, emerging, and mid-career voices, examining the debate from a historical, a domestic, and an international perspective. On Wednesday, March 15, KEI will host…

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Region: Asia

March 1, 2023

This is the second in a two part series looking at Korea's Indo-Pacific Strategy and the Indo-Pacific Strategies of other governments. The first part can be found here. In December of last year, President Yoon Suk Yeol released a key foreign policy document. The Strategy for a Free, Peaceful, and Prosperous Indo-Pacific Region outlines his…

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Region: Asia

February 8, 2023

This is the fifth piece in a series looking at how the issues identified in KEI’s annual “10 Issues to Watch for on the Korean Peninsula” series and other issues of note developed in 2022. The original “10 Issues” piece can be found here. As Korea and China celebrated the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations…

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Region: Asia, North America

December 23, 2022