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On Korea: Academic Paper Series 2020

4 Publications

Bridging the Gap: Progress and Prospects for Accelerating South Korea's Move Towards a Carbon Neutral Scenario

The Moon administration in South Korea has implemented rapid changes to accelerate the decarbonization of the energy sector. While seeking to embrace renewables, Seoul has been relying on the bridging capacity of natural gas—of which it is the world’s third largest importer. In this context, President Moon is also confronted…

Reverse Student Mobility from South Korea to the United States

Commentators have pointed to the “Trump Effect” for falling international student enrollment in the U.S. higher education sector. When taking a closer look at student mobility trends from South Korea, however, the facts and figures tell a different story. For the past two decades, South Korea has been consistently the…

Putting A Spoke In The Wheel: Russian Efforts To Weaken U.S.-led Alliance Structures In Northeast Asia

Russia is widely accused of employing a range of instruments—both overt and covert—to undermine Western unity. However, to what extent is Russia engaged in comparable activities to weaken the South Korean and Japanese alliances with the United States? This paper answers this question by assessing Moscow’s actions in the domains…

ROK-U.S. Exercises and Denuclearizing North Korea: Diplomacy or Readiness?

In the press conference that followed the Singapore summit in June 2018, President Trump announced that he would stop the “war games” since they were costly and provocative. Subsequent large-scale ROK-U.S. combined exercises were suspended or down-sized, but military training in Korea continued. Critics responded that these actions would damage…