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On Korea: Academic Paper Series 2012

10 Publications

Chinese Perspectives on North Korea and Korean Unification

China’s political attitudes toward the Korean peninsula and its role in managing North Korea have been a constant source of intrigue for many Asia watchers in the U.S. Trying to understand Chinese elite sentiments about the Six Party Talks, the security situation on the peninsula and reunification have only increased…

The Seoul Nuclear Security Summit: How Much of a Success?

The Seoul Nuclear Security Summit held in March 2012 was a watershed event for South Korea. It marked by far the largest gathering of world leaders on South Korean soil. The summit also further cemented the already remarkably close ties between the current U.S. and ROK governments, and offered a…

Bracing for Low Fertility and a Large Elderly Population in South Korea

For the first time in its history, South Korea is experiencing the challenge of extremely low fertility and a rapidly increasing number of elderly persons. This dramatic shift in population distribution is a result of total fertility rates below replacement levels for the past thirty years and to a smaller…

A Convergence of Interests: Prospects for Rason Special Economic Zone

Rason, North Korea’s Special Economic Zone located in the far Northeast of the country, is undergoing change at a pace unseen in its twenty-year existence. Its history has been one of insufficient support, both from leadership in Pyongyang and from external actors. Now, however, amid political transition in North Korea,…