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Past Events

Jul 16

Unfinished War, Unfinished Questions: Families Divided by the Korean War

Livestreamed via Zoom | 3 Participants

The division of the Korean Peninsula and the devastating war that followed displaced and separated millions of families. Even after 70 years, family separation remains as one of the most emotional and tragic legacies of the Korean War.With tight restrictions on foreign travel and communication in North Korea, separated families have limited ways to find and contact their families in the North. The sporadic government-sponsored reunions only occur when the political climate is in their favor. Even then, thousands of families, including the member of Korean diaspora in the United States, do not get to participate.

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Jul 14

Political Mobilization of the K-Pop Fandom: A Conversation with CedarBough Saeji

Livestreamed via Zoom | 1 Participants

Social media platforms have helped both grow and bring together K-pop fans from across the world. In turn, this highly networked community engages in not only cultural diplomacy but also high-impact activism. As we speak, the K-pop fan community is playing an increasingly visible role in the movement for racial justice in the United States. While the community’s advocacy feels out of place for a group that is most closely associated with choreographed dances and catchy melodies, it may become a mainstay in the political landscape going forward.

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Jul 7

Korea and Australia’s Role in the Institutions of the Future: A Conversation with Gordon Flake

Livestreamed via Zoom | 1 Participants

As countries contain COVID-19 and restart their economies, attention will turn to the performance of existing international institutions during the crisis and how best to reform them. One suggested reform is to expand the G-7 to include South Korea and Australia, perhaps among other countries.

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Jun 25

70 Year Korean War Friendship Forum

Facebook Live | 1 Participants

We are pleased to invite you to a coast-to-coast online event to remember the Korean War. Jointly sponsored with the Korean Consulate General in San Francisco and Ethnic Media Services, this event intends to bring together memories of this tragic conflict and provide a venue for the next generation to learn more about this “Forgotten War.”

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Jun 24

Unfinished War, Unfinished Questions: A Historical Perspective of the Korean War

Livestreamed via Zoom | 2 Participants

The Korean War began on June 25, 1950 when North Korean People’s Army invaded the south across the 38th parallel. Although all the devasting battles took place on the Korean peninsula, the war had complex international dimensions beyond the two Koreas. It intensified and globalized the Cold War. In the continuing absence of a formal peace treaty, the Korean peninsula remains under an armistice today.

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Jun 18

Putting a Spoke in the Wheel: Russian Efforts to Weaken U.S. Alliances in Northeast Asia

Livestreamed via Zoom

Russia is widely accused of employing a range of instruments—both overt and covert—to undermine Western unity. Though it has received less attention, Russia is also engaged in comparable activities to weaken U.S. alliances with South Korea and Japan. Overall, Moscow has achieved several tactical victories, but has yet to seriously damage U.S.-led alliance structures within the region. All the same, Seoul and Tokyo must remain watchful of Moscow’s activities, especially since there are signs of increased cooperation between Russia and China in exploiting wedge issues between the United States and its allies, thereby potentially combining China’s economic weight with Russia’s skills in influence operations.

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