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The KEI Meeting space is where we come to bring together ideas from around the world. Our Guests and Panels have brought sharp insight to our visitors.

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Past Events

Aug 5

The Future of Global Value Chains in East Asia after COVID-19

Livestreamed via Zoom | 2 Participants

The onset of COVID-19 and the subsequent shortages of necessities such as personal protective equipment have raised questions about global values chains and the idea of just in time production. In response, the United States, Japan, and other governments have called for production to be re-shored to their domestic markets. However, global value chains were under pressure prior to COVID-19 from the U.S.-China trade war and other factors. Please join KEI and the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy for a discussion of how COVID19, the U.S.-China trade war, and other factors will shape global value chains in East Asia.

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Jul 28

Ethics of Sanctions on North Korea: A Conversation with Hazel Smith

Livestreamed via Zoom | 1 Participants

There have been many discussions in Washington D.C. and elsewhere about whether sanctions against North Korea are effective, but fewer conversations on whether they are ethical. Filling this void, Professor Hazel Smith asks whether the means used by the United Nations to achieve denuclearization are justified by the international community’s desire for North Korea to dismantle its arsenal. She joins KEI for a conversation on this very question.

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Jul 23

China’s Rise and the American Response: Perspectives from Latest Volume of KEI Joint U.S.-Korea Academic Studies

Livestreamed via Zoom | 3 Participants

To mark the publication of KEI’s 31st volume of our Joint U.S.-Korea Academic Studies, please join us for a discussion of three distinct approaches to understanding perhaps the most consequential recent development in international affairs: the intensifying competition between the United States and China.

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Jul 21

Managing North Korea during COVID-19: A Conversation with Markus Garlauskas

Livestreamed via Zoom | 1 Participants

COVID-19 has become an unexpected variable in the U.S.-North Korea relationship. The virus has had a significant impact on both countries and may be one factor in North Korean reluctance to resume negations with the United States along with the impending U.S. presidential election. How should the United States manage North Korea policy prior to the election and after?

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