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KEI Contributor – Darcie Draudt-Véjares

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In discussions of US-South Korea trade policy within American policy circles, a critical aspect often overlooked is the longstanding trade relationship between Korea and Latin America. This oversight misses a significant dimension of Korea's broader trade and foreign policy strategy, which increasingly sees Latin America not just as a market, but as a pivotal partner…

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Region: South America

March 19, 2024

South Korea stands at a critical demographic juncture, facing a declining birthrate that has far-reaching implications for its economy and society. The increasingly severe demographic trends have pushed the government and society to consider which policy measures might offset the social and economic consequences of demographic decline. Fertility quickly declined from an average of six…

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Region: Asia

November 2, 2023

In 2023, KEI has set out on its “Rethinking Korea initiative,” which explores the evolution of U.S.-Korea relations, Korea’s place in the world, and rapid changes in Korean society itself.…

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Region: Asia

On May 10, 2023, KEI held a special hybrid rollout event for the inaugural volume of its new flagship journal, Korea Policy. Event description below: “Like our previous publications, Korea Policy…

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Region: Asia,Europe