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KEI Contributor – Kayla Harris

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On May 4th, Agricultural Minister nominee Chung Hwang-keun announced that he will push to end dog meat consumption. This culinary practice has been in place for centuries in Korea, creating a widespread discussion on whether the possible ban would be appropriate. While older generations and traditionalists oppose the ban, younger generations and animal rights activists…

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May 8, 2022

On April 25, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a policy to subsidize public transportation fees for 19–24-year-olds. This plan is part of a broader strategy to support youths as they transition from high school to university and early careers. This marks the public sector’s heightened focus on the economic concerns of a cohort that is…

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April 30, 2022

As the number of single-person households grow in South Korea, new health challenges associated are emerging as businesses fall short of accommodating this societal change. Although many young Koreans claim that they are happy on their own, a recent study revealed that single-person households have a lower quality of life. In addition to mental health…

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April 23, 2022

In response to public health issues arising from growing cases of adults suffering from loneliness, Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a plan on April 7 to offer support programs to 1,200 socially-isolated young adults. This plan consists of in-depth counseling, confidence-boosting sessions, employment search support, and other forms of training. Seoul’s proactive response to social isolation…

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April 17, 2022