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KEI Contrtibutor

Two thousand years ago, the “Silk Road” linked the Chinese and Roman empires, moving goods, people, and ideas between Asia and Europe. For centuries thereafter Central Asia remained the focus…

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December 2012

South Korea (Republic of Korea – ROK) is well recognizedfor achieving remarkable success: transforming itself from an impoverished, war-torn society into a modern, developed, and democratic nation within the span…

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March 2012

The upcoming G-20 Leaders’ Summit, which will be held in Seoul on 11–12 November is of critical importance to the global economy as the world looks for guidance amid continued…

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Region: Asia
Location: Korea, South

February 2012
Balbina Y. Hwang, Youngji Jo

Despite the critical function of the armistice, very little political attention has been paid to the agreement, with few bureaucrats, policymakers, and Korea experts sufficiently knowledgeable about its details. Surprisingly,…

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Region: Asia

July 2011