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Reorienting Korea in the World

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South Korea established full diplomatic relations with Cuba on February 15, 2024, when the ambassadors of the two countries to the United Nations in New York City exchanged diplomatic notes formally establishing diplomatic ties.  The move was unexpected since there had been no recent public reports that the two countries were engaged in discussions regarding…

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February 16, 2024

Sook-yeon Lee argues that Indonesia serves as an ideal partner for the United States and South Korea to advance their objectives in the Indo-Pacific region and that the three countries…

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June 26, 2024

Vu Le Thai Hoang and Thi Bich Ngoc Nguyen argue that the elevation of Vietnam-South Korea and US-Vietnam ties to comprehensive strategic partnerships has created new opportunities for trilateral cooperation.…

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Syd Seiler argues that recent developments in the relationship between North Korea, China, and Russia should be examined within the context of past interactions and North Korea’s geopolitical reality over…

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June 24, 2024

This paper explores how South Korea defines “economic security.” Amidst geopolitical turbulence, the framing of this concept by governments and policy circles around the globe is reflective of the changes…

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Region: Asia

January 4, 2024

This article was published in Korea on Point on July 21, 2024. Higher Expectations, Starker Choices President Yoon Suk Yeol’s attendance at the 75th NATO Summit amplified several existing and…

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July 21, 2024

This article was published in The Korea Times on June 12, 2024. In the wake of rapprochement between Korea and Japan, much of the focus has been on the strengthening…

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June 13, 2024

This article was published on The Asan Forum on September 4, 2023. The first ever stand-alone leader-level summit at Camp David between President Biden, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan,…

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September 4, 2023

This article was published on The Diplomat on August 7, 2013. On the July 27 anniversary of the Korean Armistice Agreement, there were numerous tributes to the ultimate sacrifice so…

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August 10, 2023