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Over the last half decade, the Korean Peninsula has seen the prospect of war during Donald Trump’s period of “fire and fury,” but also a period of negotiations that resulted in a series of North-South and U.S.-North Korea summits. While war was avoided, those efforts at negotiation ultimately failed. The aftermath of those failed negotiations,…

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Region: Asia

June 21, 2022

President-elect Yoon’s transition team announced a plan to designate North Korea as the “main enemy” following recent missile tests. This reaffirmed Yoon’s campaign promise to pursue a tougher stance against Pyongyang. The designation has a history – one that reflects Seoul’s short-term outlook on the prospect of inter-Korean engagement. Seoul first designated Pyongyang as the…

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April 16, 2022

What Happened: In January, a man who had defected to South Korea in 2020 returned to North Korea. Subsequently, the South Korean government launched an interagency team to further assist defectors with employment, education, and psychological concerns. Traditionally, the government’s focus has largely revolved around providing defector-migrants with economic assistance. Implication: South Korea’s public policy…

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February 14, 2022

As 2021 began, the world was still in the depths of the pandemic and vaccines to protect against COVID-19 were only beginning to become available to the public in a small number of countries. As 2022 begins, the pandemic continues to impact lives and economies around the world but there are signs of recovery. Among…

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Region: Asia, North America