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The Korea Economic Institute of America presents:   Soap Operas and Socialism:   Kim Jong-un’s Policy Priorities through TV Dramas in North Korea   Romance, humor, tension — everyone loves a good sitcom, even North Koreans. But in North Korea, TV dramas are more than mere entertainment. They play a crucial political role by serving as a key messenger of the party and government policy. While Kim Jong-il famously made films aggrandizing revolutionary ideals, Kim Jong-un’s medium of choice seems to be TV. Although the messages in these new dramas under Kim Jong-un may be less overt than those traditionally in North Korean films, they are nonetheless present and convey values unique from those of his father.   Please join KEI and veteran North Korea watcher Jean Lee for an interactive discussion of her new research on North Korean TV dramas and what we as outsiders can glean from them about Kim Jong-un’s policy priorities. 
November 30, 2017
  Call for Academic Papers on Korea   The Korea Economic Institute of America (KEI) is issuing a call for papers for the next round of its Academic Paper Series—a program to generate monthly academic papers and a public discussion of issues related to the Korean Peninsula and affecting the U.S.-Republic of Korea alliance. KEI has commissioned over ninety papers in this series so far on a variety of topics. To read the individual papers and learn more about the series, please refer to the KEI website:http://www.keia.org/page/academic-paper-series-–-korea. KEI is now seeking proposals for papers to be released between February and July 2018 on original subjects of current interest to serious Korea watchers. Proposal topics should correspond with the interests and expertise of the author, and the description should demonstrate confidence that they would make good additions to this well-rounded series. KEI is interested in papers concerning South Korea’s domestic economy, international economic relations, or international security relations as well as innovative ideas on North Korea. Topics of particular interest this year include, but are not limited to: the North Korean missile program, North Korean nuclear strategy, the marketization of the North Korean economy, South Korean soft power, meeting South Korean energy needs, South Korean environmental policy, and South Korean naval strategy and capabilities. Papers must be written exclusively for KEI, i.e., not have been presented or published previously in any form.  
December 18, 2017