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Korea’s ‘Economy-Security Strategy’ and the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework
Published August 4, 2022
Publication Source: IFANS
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To establish the goals and direction of a Korean-version economic security strategy in the face of rapid external environmental changes, this article employs a SWOT analysis based on Korea’ s economic and security identity.

Economic security, the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF), and so-called ‘Chip 4’ are some of the most hotly-debated topics amongst global pundits. In fact, these issues are closely linked to one another. IPEF and Chip 4 are relatively new concepts, owing largely to a rapidly changing uncertain environment. Economic security is also an important component of navigating a rapid long-term structural change. As a result of the change, we are witnessing the emergence of new economic security issues. For this reason, comprehending an overarching kernel encompassing a wide range of issues is critical. Therefore, rather than a piecemeal approach, this article will investigate an ideal path forward for Korea’s economy-security strategy – a strategy that allows for a principled, consistent response to various economic security issues that are likely to emerge repeatedly in the coming years.

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