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Asia at a Tipping Point: Korea, The Rise of China, and the Impact of Leadership Transitions

This PDF is the full publication and contains all of the following sections:

  • KEI Board of Directors
  • KEI Advisory Council
  • Preface

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    Political Change in 2010-2012 and Regional Cooperation Centered on the Korean Peninsula

  • Introduction
  • Leadership Changes and South Korea’s China Policy
    Jae Ho Chung
  • North Korean Politics and China
    Jack Pritchard & L. Gordon Flake
  • Japanese Politics, the Korean Peninsula, and China
    Kazuhiko Togo
  • Chinese Politics and the Korean Peninsula
    Gilbert Rozman

    Security Challenges and the Changing Balance on the Korean Peninsula

  • Introduction
  • The View from China
    Andrew Scobell
  • The View from Russia
    Stephen Blank
  • Japan’s Response to Nuclear North Korea
    Narushige Michishita
  • The View from South Korea
    Taeho Kim

    Sociological Processes and Regional Community Formation Incorporating South Korea

  • Introduction
  • South Korean National Identity Gaps with China and Japan
    Gilbert Rozman
  • Diverging Trajectories of Trust in Northeast Asia: South Korea’s Security Relations with Japan and China
    Leif-Eric Easley
  • A Cognitive Approach to Ethnic Identity Construction in the Korean Enclave in Beijing
    Sharon Yoon

    TPP or ASEAN+3: Alternative Plans for Asian Regionalism and Free Trade Pacts

  • Introduction
  • The U.S. Approach to Regional Trade Agreements Involving East Asia
    Edward J. Lincoln
  • South Korea: Which Way Will It Go on Asian Integration?
    Hyung-Gon Jeong
  • Competing Templates in Asia Pacific Economic Integration
    Peter A. Petri
  • Contributors
  • About the Korea Economic Institute

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