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When Cold Warriors Sued for Peace: Mark Tokola

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Show Notes

Looking back on the Korean War, one might assume that the outbreak of a violent conflict that killed millions of people would preclude the possibility of a peaceful resolution of the division on the peninsula. Surprisingly, however, there was an effort in 1954 – only a year after the armistice that halted military engagements in Korea – to resolve the Korea question through diplomacy.

It’s not a secret that this conference failed to resolve the issues – but it was nonetheless historic. And while the international environment has changed drastically since, the lessons that the meeting offers to summit goers today is critical.

Our guest today is KEI Vice President Mark Tokola, who has done extensive research into this event using declassified state department documents.

If you are interested in reading up more about this event, you can find Mark Tokola’s full research paper here:

July 10, 2020