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The Rise, Stumble, and Rise of A Conglomerate: Geoffrey Cain

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Show Notes

How does a company that began as a vegetable and fish shop grow to become a leading global tech company – what made that astonishing growth possible, and what are some of the unseen costs of that blinding development? Perhaps just as importantly for American audiences, what are the implications of such a company on the society that it inhabits?

To discuss this and much more, we are joined by Geoffrey Cain, a longtime journalist whose work has appeared in The Economist, Time and The Wall Street Journal. Geoffrey is also a regular commentator on Bloomberg TV, BBC, CNN, and NPR.

His newest book Samsung Rising – published by Currency, an imprint of Random House – tracks the rise of Korea’s leading brand name from the time of Korea’s colonial occupation in the 1930s to its aggressive rise to become the largest smartphone maker in the world.

March 27, 2020