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Shin Kyung-sook - Author, “Please Look After Mom”

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Show Notes

Press Shot Korean Kontext caught up with Man Asian literary prize winner Shin Kyung-sook for a chat about her latest novel, “Please Look After Mom”.  Shin became the first woman and South Korean to ever take the prize after being chosen above better known contenders like Haruki Moorakami and Tahm ima Anam.

“Please Look After Mom”, recently translated into English, traces the life of Park So-nyo, a wife and mother who suffers a stroke and becomes separated from her husband on the train when travelling from the countryside into Seoul. As her family search the South Korean capital’s streets for her, they remember So-nyo’s life and the sacrifices she has made for them.  ”Please Look After Mom” has already sold almost two million copies in South Korea alone, and is now set to be released in 32 countries.

In our conversation with Shin Kyung-sook, we asked her about why she thought the book had become so popular, what she thought of its reception in the U.S., and for her impressions of modern society and the changing media environment.

Picture Credit: Man Asian Literary Prize

June 15, 2012