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[Rebroadcast] Valuing Age and Experience: Yongmin Cho and Quan Nguyen

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Show Notes

Although it is happening more rapidly in South Korea, an aging society is a common feature in post-industrial societies around the world. With the number of retirees growing and the number of children dwindling, countries are faced with numerous public policy challenges: how to pay for public schools with smaller and smaller enrolments, how to provide a comfortable and fulfilling life for people after retirement, how to best pass on the knowledge accrued by older workers, etc. Carefully measured planning and public policy are required to address these challenges.

We are rebroadcasting an episode from 2017. Jenna Gibson interviewed executives at a company in South Korea called SAY that pairs senior citizen tutors with young students – a market-based solution to some of the challenges that aging societies face. 

Please also read the article from the New York Times on how a rural town in southwestern South Korea is responding to low school enrollment due to demographic decline.

May 3, 2019