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KEI Spotlight

Troy Stangarone writing on Seoul-Pyongyang 2032 Summer Olympics at China-US Focus

September 26, 2018

China-US Focus featured KEI Senior Director Troy Stangarone's commentary on the challenges and opportunities created by the prospective Seoul-Pyongyang bid for the 2032 Summer Olympics.

In addition to the yet-unresolved issue of denuclearization, North Korea's human rights record pose serious challenges for the IOC's consideration of this bid. Nonetheless, this could also serve as extra impetus for Pyongyang to remain committed, as co-hosting the Olympics could bring much-needed assistance for infrastructure development. Simultaneously, there are also practical questions: does North Korea have the financial capacity to bear the extra costs that will be invariably incurred by the construction of new infrastructure? Would North Korea have the capacity to house and feed the athletes, while simultaneously absorbing the flow of international specatators?

You can find his piece here