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KEI Spotlight

KEI Senior Director Troy Stangarone: Take Trump Impeachment Inquiry Seriously

November 5, 2019

KEI Senior Director Troy Stangarone cautions observers not to  dismiss the most recent scandal related to the Ukraine as just another scandal.

He observes:

“In a much more partisan era dominated by a fragmented media it is unclear that either previous impeachment will indicate how the investigation and potential impeachment of Trump will turn out, but it is also clear that Trump begins this process with more Americans in favor of impeachment than there were for either Nixon or Clinton.”

Particularly relevant for Korea policy, Stangarone sees that Trump will look for victories to save his presidency, particularly in the foreign policy space:

“At a time when North Korea is encouraging Trump to make a bold decision, South Korea should be more cautious in its desire to see Trump take any such bold step.”

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