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KEI Spotlight

KEI Senior Director Stangarone Speaking about Korea-Japan Dispute on Bloomberg

August 5, 2019

KEI Senior Director Troy Stangarone was invited to speak about the Japan-Korea dispute on Bloomberg TV. 

He noted that the conflict is cause for global concern – Japan is using the national security rationale like a "get out of jail free" card to restrict exports to Korea when there is no substantiated evidence of a security threat. This weakens broader international trade rules.

Moreover, the conflict is specifically a challenge for the United States as Kim Jong-un may attempt to exploit the division between the U.S. allies. In addition, South Korea's Samsung is one of the top producers of 5G equipment. Disrupting their ability to service the global market means others will enter that space, which touches on U.S. concerns on global network security.

Please find the full video here

The interview was also published on Yahoo Finance, which you can find here