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KEI Spotlight

KEI President Kathleen Stephens at the ROK National Assembly

November 20, 2018

KEI CEO & President Kathleen Stephens visited the National Assembly and met with leaders of key political parties. 

Meeting with Chung Dong-young, leader of the Party for Democracy and Peace, she relayed that the U.S. Democratic Party would not want to see denuclearization talks with North Korea stop despite its concerns about President Trump's diplomatic capabilities.

She added that various circles in Washington share the view that complete denuclearization would be difficult without sanctions relief – but that outwardly they have maintained the firm view that sanctions must be preserved. In this environment, Stephens highlighted the need for the public conversation on denuclearization to be refocused around peace and reconciliation.

Thereafter, Ambassador Stephens met with the Speaker of the National Assembly Moon Hee-sang to share thoughts on diplomatic engagement with North Korea. She underscored that despite differing opinions in the United States on how to tackle challenges facing the Korean Peninsula, close cooperation and negotiations are central to leveraging this historic moment for a momentous change. 

Read more about Ambassador Stephens' meeting with the Party for Democracy and Peace here (in Korean)

Her meeting with National Assembly Speaker Moon Hee-sang from Administrative Times, Shinmoongo, and Daehan News (in Korean)

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Picture of her meeting with the Bareun-Mirae Party leader Sohn Hak-kyu here