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KEI Spotlight

KEI President & CEO Kathleen Stephens featured on South Korean media's New Year Coverage

January 4, 2019

KEI's President and CEO Kathleen Stephens gave two end-of-the-year interviews with the Korean media in which she discussed the ongoing diplomatic efforts with North Korea and the broader trends in the U.S.-Korea relationship. 

In her interview with Kookmin Ilbo, she placed a spotlight on President Moon's efforts to ensure alignment between South Korea and the United States and recommended that both the U.S. and DPRK governments engage in discussions at various working levels. Specifically, she cautioned against approaching the negotiations with an "all or nothing" mentality. 

Speaking with AsiaToday, she highlighted lessons from her experience negotiating the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland – she spoke about the need to manage the preconditions for engaging in talks between the parties, again placing emphasis foremost on the continuation of negotiations. 

Please find the article by Kookmin Ilbo here (Korean)

And the piece by AsiaToday here (Korean)