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KEI Spotlight

KEI Event Coverage for 'South Korea as a Nuclear Exporter'

May 22, 2013

The May 21, 2013 APS program titled "South Korea as a Nuclear Exporter: Successes and Challenges for the Future" with Chen Kane and Miles Pomper of CNS was featured in:

Yonhap News – S. Korea advised to focus on expanding nuclear exports 
Global Post – Reprint of Yonhap News Article

Yonhap News (Korean) – 한국, 원자력 협정 개정서 윈-윈 해법에 주력해야
Korea Times – Reprint of Yonhap News (Korean) Article
Herald Korea – Reprint of Yonhap News (Korean) Article

To learn more about the program and the paper, please click here