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KEI Spotlight

KEI Bids Farewell to Florence Lowe-Lee

August 31, 2011

KEI bids farewell to Florence Lowe-Lee after 19 years of dedicated, irreplaceable service.

Florence has been the Treasurer and Director of Finance and Publications since joining KEI in 1992. She has been responsible for managing KEI’s finances and human resources, and for the production of its annual and monthly publications. She has been an indispensable part of KEI and directly responsible for the stature and reputation of the Institution. She has been a trusted adviser to three KEI Presidents and direct liaison to senior Korean officials. Her stewardship as an officer of KEI has been remarkable. 

Florence is leaving to start own business/organization where she will focus on Business Consulting and Educational/Training. She also plans to spend additional time with her daughters as they prepare to head off to college in the coming years.

KEI will not be able to replace Florence. She has been with KEI twice as long as anyone else and so, just like in professional sports, we are retiring her “number.”